Unfolding Mystery of Production Engineering Internship Process @ Facebook

I worked with Facebook, London as Production Engineering Intern in Summer’17. This write up is to share information about the procedure with current and future aspirants.


I have received a lot of queries in recent days about this role. So I finally decided to pen down the information here instead of repeatedly writing to multiple chats. 🙃

Randomly picked Facebook London Office Image, for those who get bore reading text-only articles.

What is Production Engineering?

The buzzword in the CS community nowadays is to get Software Engineering Internship. While other roles generally don’t catch everyones’ eyes. Some of these roles (from FB context) are Production Engineering and Data Engineering Internships.

Let’s talk about Production Engineering role and see what Facebook’s career page has to say about it:

Production Engineers at Facebook are hybrid software/systems engineers who ensure that Facebook’s services run smoothly and have the capacity for future growth.

You might be confused and thinking of it as a regular Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) role, but it’s much more than it. I can recollect a good comparison by Shopify over the same here. Regarding knowledge set, you are supposed to know how to code, fundamentals of networks, UNIX, deployment and preferably other infrastructure services like load balancing, caching, CDNs etc. If you read RFCs like you eat food, that is a plus. 😋

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