There are a lot of hacks that you can follow to have a fruitful design day — we’re helping you with a few of those hacks. Take a look and start designing!

Crafted by S. Hareessh Prabhu

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While starting work on any project, whether you’re just starting or continuing work, there are a few things that you should follow to pace yourself while designing and getting things done.

Here are the few things that I follow to make the most of everyday — I think that these will help you too!

  • First is to make a list of things that you would be working on for the day. I use Dropbox Paper to maintain a document with the list of things that I have for the day. I even use Allt, which helps me keep track of my daily tasks and I can even check off the tasks that I’ve completed — this makes it easy for me to plan out each day at work. …

Having a one-on-one with your boss can result in many things. Mine resulted in pushing me to write a blog post on what being a leader is!

Crafted by Pankaj Harita

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“Leaders are not born” is a famous quote and true to that, one cannot be born as a leader. One cannot even be made a leader if the leadership doesn’t start within them. Being a leader doesn’t actually mean that you have to be the head of the clan. …

There’s a lot that has to be kept in mind while building an app. The best apps are built keeping the user in mind — we tell you how to build some cool apps with the aspects that matter.

Crafted by Pankaj Harita

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What’s the purpose of being a good cook, if you don’t know the ingredients you are cooking with or the process you have to follow? Yes, you may have to do some experimentation but that will involve modification on minor parts of the elements or steps and not on anything major. App development is as good as cooking a dish. Make the preparations and do a double check on your check list before diving in to code the app live. …

When a project comes along, there’s too much information that flows in. Our Program Manager tells you why it’s important to use a product management tool to keep this information intact.

Authored by Pankaj Harita

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All of us have heard about management tools and the entire world is in need of a tool to manage their daily tasks — be it technical or not, everyone faces the need to have a tool. But wait, what do we use the tool for? Let’s see.

Person 1: “I track all my daily tasks with the help of the tool”
Person 2: “I have the to-do’s listed and manage them”
Person 3: “I use it to track the bugs in my…

When it comes to designing a product, every little factor that contributes to it’s design should be taken into account. Our UX Designer tells you the steps to follow to bring out some of your best designs.

Authored by Swetha Suresh

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Usually when I am given a product to design I follow a three phased process. I start with Discovery which would inform the Design and then find ways and means to Validate the design. I take a very similar approach when it comes to preparing a case study of a product.

First step would be to break down the product and explore it for an in-depth understanding of its core functionalities. The core functionalities give away the product’s intent and unwraps the target audience it was built for. …

Get to know the man behind the beautiful design of our products — Dinesh Pandian.

1. How did you get started in Computer Science?

I have a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, never really wanted to get in to Computer Science. But I ended up here, since it was cool at that time. I then enjoyed the simplicity of C, making the computer do things that I wrote is pretty awesome. When I completed Engineering, I actually didn’t know what to do. It was thanks to a couple of my friends who told me about Web Designing, the likes of HTML/CSS/JS. The thing is, I never liked HTML either, I used to fail in college. :P I am actually not good at drawing either, but I loved seeing beautiful designs and felt that was the most important thing, since that’s what the user first sees. …

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1. How did you get started in Computer Science?

Frankly speaking I was never fond of Science, Technology, Computers or any of the geeky stuff. Before coming to an Engineering college, I had never even heard of what computer science is! I thought of pursuing Engineering as my career since everybody I knew of was doing the same. And during my VIT counseling everyone advised me to opt for computer science as it was considered to be the most sought after branch. That’s how I got into Computer Science.

But after getting into it, I totally freaked out. I had never done any coding before. In my first semester, I had C as my subject and I got C grade in it! I found the course offered here was totally different from whatever i studied in school. And everyone with me was already coding for more than 3 years. …

Today, we’re extremely excited to announce — A platform to fill in the niche space between developers and users.

We wanted to create a place for the users to express their opinion when a product evolves, or sometimes doesn’t. A place where developers can get honest support and feedback. It’s life after the launch of a product.

We understand that when you launch a product, you get a surge of users and that’s great. But when the product evolves, users might not like a feature that you’ve added on. You can’t relaunch and capture the emotion again.

App Stores and market places are one way of gathering user feedback, but we’ve noticed that it’s for the entire product and not for feature changes. We break down the evolution and let developers know where they’ve done a good job, and where they can still improve. …

Starting this December, Skcript will go back to its roots with heart42. heart42 is an internal hackathon, that encourages the company’s culture to be on steroids for 24 hours, during our birthday weekend.

heart42 is a very carefully crafted event to bring the moonshot ideas to reality. Besides all the serious stuff, there are a lot of fun stuff we do during heart42. Right from painting the walls to enjoying a starry dinner with the entire team, all the crazy things happen during the 24 hour period.

Right now, the event is only for our team and we are also constantly sending out invites to people close to us. If you think you can make a difference and like life the Skcript’s way. But you’re always welcome. Drop by the venue if you wanna take a look at the cool things that are being built. …

Today, we released a new version of the Google Developers Group Women Chennai‘s web portal to the world. We tested out methods that corporates think is irrelevant. We crafted every pixels, in every corner of the screen. And now, we would like to share the ‘Sprint Process‘ that we followed to build this website.

GDG Women Chennai

GDG Women Chennai is Chennai’s fastest growing community to celebrate Women in Technology. This is yet another wing of the widely popular Google Developers Group Chennai, that has been successful for the past four years.

Crawling the web for Women in Technology

It’s 2014, and people are running after their dreams. We have already mentioned in our earlier posts about the core values of the company, and why there is a need for a company like ours’ in the industry. Earlier this month, we sat down to take a look at all the amazing things the Women in Technology have been doing. As we crawled the entire web, we realized that everything we do to celebrate them, has to be special. And we decided, that it has to be special in a way that they are proud of our work for them. While GDG Women Chennai is existing to do just that, we wanted to make it even more special and unique. …



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