The Role of Clinton or Trump in an Evolved World?

The other day someone commented “Trump for President” and I vaguely wondered if that was the result, was the hoo-ha finally over. So I Googled presidential elections to see that, no, the ‘big’ day isn’t until the 8 November.

My first thought had been (groan) “surely not”, then I realised that neither choice is exactly an indication of anything evolved. Clinton is perhaps more refined in many ways, but what Donald Trump is to the mighty dollar, she is to the political arena, both fought and have thrived in their arena many times — but ultimately its an arena for game playing.

Game playing is not for those who want authenticity, it’s not for those who want to understand the world through the eyes of another and it’s not for those who want to truly be part of a world more evolved than this one today.

Those who know me understand I withdrew attention to most public media many years ago. The details of life that get focused upon and promoted are nothing short of depressing in most cases, so it has never much interested me.

So my perspective does not come from the day to day details of the race, it comes from a broader perspective of character and evolution. Being a 1980’s teen, I remember the American dream through the eyes of European media.

Everything seemed so much bigger in America, certainly that was true of the money machine, yet their media used to feed a very singular view. True of the vast majority of media.

I know a ‘has been’, it is one of the reasons I left the UK. It’s a country I would describe as stuck in its past. That doesn’t mean of course that each individual is stuck in the past, but there’s a kind of collective consciousness that hails from the days of the power of an Empire, that pervades and creates a culture of entitlement. It’s creates heavy energy that makes day to day life feel like swimming in treacle.

And this is how many have come to view America, a power in demise. A society that has been cosseted for so many years by its own publicity machine that it fails to even see other perspectives. The brewhaha about threats from Russia, Iran and then war against ‘terror’ perpetuating perceptions and hatred.

Yet what did we see each time the mighty machine prevailed? We saw the ‘threat’ was not as imagined at all, we have seen societies and structures in decline, we have seen individual egos of all ‘sides’ creating a perception that did not match reality.

Yes there have been atrocities over the years, on all sides, but what did tit for tat ever achieve? Those of us who are parents know from simply watching our children that no good ever comes from retaliation, it just escalates a situation. We know that from our own personal relationships and fights we have.

The lure of revenge is powerful but ultimately fruitless, there are no winners. We are a society that is evolving at a rate faster than ever before. The younger generations see through different lenses as they always did, but these lenses are changing focus at a rate faster than ever.

Partially it’s driven by the internet, but mostly it’s driven energetically. Energy is something I’ve come to understand more over the years, but I think it first felt most palpable to me when I saw the extension of the Berlin wall in my early teens, and then visiting the German underground hospital in Jersey, built from forced labour during its occupation, and then, later, standing on the beaches in Normandy, France.

As palpable and negative as that energy is, it creates a stronger, opposite desire for a different world. There are those being born into areas of the world now that are war torn, or suffering from greater degrees of oppression than many could imagine, who repel against that energy they feel and — instead of seeking revenge — they are seeking a better world.

This is a world sick of itself; there is stronger and stronger desire to create something different. So, for my 2 cents, whether it’s Clinton or Trump is irrelevant, neither represent an evolved world, both represent a step, hopefully the crescendo, in nature’s death dance. Neither can truly lead when there are fewer following.

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