Why ‘software testing’ is as much a human problem as it is a technology one.

Unless something changes that makes A.I. capable of providing 100% code coverage on your behalf, you’re going to need to know how to approach testing critically. The topic of smoke tests came up within my team on Slack recently. Sixty-eight comments later, we decided to move to Zoom and finally scheduled a discussion during our tech-huddle (a 60 minute informal time to share ideas and thoughts). …


After graduating from university, I was faced with the daunting task of finding a job and, by extension, determining what area of technology I wanted to spend the foreseeable future in. Landing a position in a graduate program is undeniably one of the strongest ways to kick-start your career. However, for anyone lucky enough to be offered one of these coveted positions, it often comes with an enormous amount of internalised pressure. As an Associate Developer at SEEK I was given the trust and freedom to drive my own learning. No one is monitoring how productive I am or what…

Seamus Kearney

Software Engineer @ SEEK.com.au. He/They. Eyebrow Whisperer. #GameDev dreamer.

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