Facebook “Jobs”: A new tool to hire coming soon!

It’s no secret that finding the right candidate for your open job positions can be a very though challenge. Foremost, small businesses are having trouble to fill their jobs, but also medium-size to large companies are often struggling in finding their talents.

Why? One of the main reason is the fact that the best talents probably aren’t actively searching for a new job. What’s the solution? Having a way to get that job offer in front of them anyway! LinkedIn is and has been a great tool for recruitment and hiring, but the problem here is that people only spend time on it when either working or actively looking for a job. There might be an alternative soon:

Beginning of the year, Facebook introduced a new job feature for pages in the US and Canada as a demo phase (soon available globally), which will help businesses to find qualified people where they are already spending a lot of time — on Facebook and their mobile. Applicants can view jobs on a business page or in the new “jobs” tab, job posts will appear in their newsfeed or they can visit facebook.com/jobs to actively search for jobs.

When deployed globally, it offers you a potential talent pool of Facebook’s 1.8 billion active users. Yes, active users! It will be too big to ignore! In comparison to LinkedIn’s 100 million active users, this seems gigantic.

The distribution power of Facebook is enormous: It’s easier and more common to have ‘friends’ on Facebook than ‘connections’ on LinkedIn. Facebook’s smart suggestions make it super easy to find friends and friends of friends. When you are friends with each other, whatever your friends like, share, or comment will all appear on your newsfeed. Even when the liked/shared/commented post belongs to someone who is not your ‘friend,’ you will still see them.

So imagine your job posting being liked by one person. That small action can get the job to the newsfeed of that person’s entire first-degree network and, at least, second-degree network, which can amount to more than 300 people and counting. Now multiply that with all the actions that can occur: people share the job posting on their own timeline, people send private messages about the job posting via Facebook Messenger to their friends, people tag friends who are interested in the job posting. Now multiply that again with the number of your employees who have (and will have) a Facebook account. Fascinating!

As already mentioned, for now Facebook jobs is still in a demo phase, but it has an immense potential!

Thanks for reading!
Team skeeled