New Mexico Poems

I recently spent a week in New Mexico, my first visit to the state. We started in Albuquerque, doing a “Breaking Bad”/”Better Call Saul” homage, then ventured to Santa Fe and its vibrant arts community, took a side trip to Roswell, and ended in lovely Taos.

I was struck by the beauty and the bluster of the state, and created these haikus inspired by our travels.

Dessert dinner

Roadrunner waiting
Patiently stalking its prey
Rattlesnake waiting

Roswell nights

Infamous city
Mystery never explained
What fell from the sky?

Albuquerque knocking

Sandia sunrise
Dreams and hopes and fears awake
I’m the one who knocks

Clear air

Breathe in — cold, clean, pure
Breathe out — worries melt away
Breathe in — feel yourself

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