The Beginning of Tim

Hey, I’m Tim (aka skeletim), and this will be a chronicle of game dev, writing, and whatever else piques my interest.

Every week, I’ll be writing a post on a topic about any of these projects or inspired by my life in some way.

Current projects:

  • Unnamed Plant Story, short comic story about glowing plant people
    (Rel will be doing the art for this)
  • STARS ARE FARTHER, Twine game by Madi B, I’ll be assisting with dev

Recently completed work:

Future projects:

  • Akmodan, long narrative inspired by ancient Egyptian mythos, will be comics and/or games focusing on the 4 main characters
  • Untitled Team Story, long narrative inspired by my time with the AmeriCorps program, most likely a comic story
  • Heavensend, game about a girl who wants to go to Hell and gets sent to Heaven instead 
    (As of now, I’ll be developing everything myself except for specific art, credits coming soon)

Other Stuff:

  • Mouthful of Toast, ongoing biweekly podcast about anime and Japanese media, I’m a co-host and sometimes I write for the site
  • These Guy Are Sick, improv troupe that performs at MAGFest, I’m with these guy and there is video evidence here

I’ll be keeping this post up to date as I complete and add new projects.

Consider this the more serious counterpart to my other ridiculous social media accounts. I bet Medium invests in stocks and drinks fine wine.

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