The Good Ol’ Project Update - 1/29/16

Two weeks ago, I kicked off the intended weekly updates for this dev(b)log. Then, I drafted this post a week after, but decided not to post it. Now, another week has gone by and it’s safe to say weekly updates were not a realistic goal to shoot for. “Biweekly” is a word with bi-meanings, but I will be using the definition of “every other week” for this account.

Anyway, my first post was in the style of a motivational speaker. Posts like “Climbing Mountains” will probably show up bimonthly (every two months, not twice a month, another stupid word!) usually when one project is wrapping up and I’m revving up to start something new. I drafted another post similar in style (also with its own extended metaphor) that will go up in a few weeks when I’m further along with the relevant project, but posts in this style are exceptions to the content I intend to post more often.

This week, I’d like to go through my list of current projects (detailed here) and give little updates where I can. Posts in this style will serve as a changelog for my list of projects as they are completed or priorities shift. The goal here is to keep track of how often I’m switching projects around and noting how long it takes to actually finish what I set out to accomplish. If I’m making more posts like this than actual updates with art/writing/things to show, someone please slap the keyboard out from under my surprisingly small hands.

  • Heavensend game project put on hold, Moved from Current Projects to Future Projects
  • Unnamed Plant Story outline in the process of revisions
  • STARS ARE FARTHER game project formally welcomes me to the project (announcement on the SAF blog)
  • ??New project started??

Let’s start with Heavensend, a project that quickly grew too big for its britches. I began development on this a few months ago, but there’s too many working parts for me to do on my own with my current workload. I was trying to teach myself advanced game programming, music theory, and level design, all at the same time! Not really plausible when already collaborating on two other projects, so it needs to wait. My goal is to slowly build up my skill set and either scale down the idea for a game jam or work on it over time again. I’m still wildly interested in pursuing this idea, so keep an eye out for a future update.

The next two items on my changelog simply exist so I can tell all of you that stuff is getting done! Not sure yet how comfortable we are with sharing behind the scenes progress of either of those projects here, but SAF at least has a blog for updates here. The script needs some fertilizer, but will be growing strong soon.

The last item on my list is what the blog post I hinted at will be about. Need to get a little more progress before I start gushing about it, but I’m pretty excited. My goal is to share the early stages of my work, ask questions, provide answers that I can, and turn my creative work into routine. The routine already went off the rails by shifting this into a biweekly update schedule, but I’d rather work more and write posts with substance.

Other news for what’s to come in February: I’ll be attending two cons, Katsucon and MAGFest. I won’t be at Katsucon long, but it’s one of my favorites for seeing friends. I’ll be performing improv comedy at MAGFest on Friday, 2/19 from 2:30 - 4:30pm in Panels 1 with “These Guy are Sick”. If you miss the panel, I’ll be around all weekend, but trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

Plus, here’s a minor life update, my day job is moving me to a new assignment next week since my current one is dead in the water. Having nothing I can work on during the day took its toll on my motivation. An object in motion stays in motion and a lazy dude at rest stays at rest except to play a videogame every once in a while. It’s time to start getting into motion.

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