ZClassic Sapling — The New Core

ZClassic full node 2.0.3 rc1

Following on from the recent update where we outlined our plans to update ZClassic core to embrace the sapling update introduced by Zcash, we can now share more details of this upgrade with you. First of all, the source can be found at the Zclassic Community GitHub and to truly keep in step with Zcash we’re rebasing to the current master branch of Zcash, 2.0.3.

To build the node, just follow the instructions in the readme. If there are any problems, we are available to answer any questions in the ZClassic 2 telegram or the ZClassic 2 discord

Blockheight 476969 — est 9:00pm Feb 24th (UTC)

It’s important to note that this change will take place at blockheight 476969 which will fall around 9pm on the 24th February (UTC) and you need to ensure that you’ve updated your node prior to this activation for things to continue to run smoothly. As long as you’ve updated the node to the release available from the Zclassic Community GitHub then there’s no requirement to do anything further. Activation of sapling will be seamless.

Why are we doing this?

It’s been some time since ZClassic core has had any update and in addition to resolving the vulnerability issue recently disclosed by Zcash, sapling also introduces new shielded addresses and significantly improved performance. For those of you who want to read about sapling in more detail here’s a short article: Sapling — Zcash.

We are inviting anyone who has an interest in ZClassic to actively participate in this necessary upgrade and we are currently asking people to support the ZClassic Community while we undertake this process. We hope we can rely on your continued support to move forward with us at this time.

❗️ The blockheight for activation is: 476969 which will fall around 9pm on the 24th February (UTC).


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