ZClassic (ZCL) — Upgrade Notice

Blockheight 476969 — est 9:00pm Feb 24th (UTC)

The recent release by Zcash highlighting a serious vulnerability has prompted us to take immediate action to secure ZClassic and ensure that it has continued protection against all known vulnerabilities. We’re doing this by taking the most recent stable version of Zcash (2.0.2) and applying the changes which gives ZClassic its distinctive features (no founders reward and no slow start). This update allows us to activate the network upgrade, SAPLING, which enhances the network and renews confidence for the continued use of ZClassic.

We are inviting anyone who has an interest in ZClassic to actively participate in this necessary upgrade and we are currently asking people to support the ZClassic Community while we undertake this process by simply affirming that they will upgrade to the latest node when it becomes available.

We hope we can rely on your continued support to move forward with us at this time, and details of how to upgrade will be released in the very near future, with an appropriate download link to the software at the new Zclassic Community GitHub. Guidance on how to proceed with the update will also be published alongside this.

❗️ The blockheight for activation is: 476969 which will fall around 9pm on the 24th February (UTC).

To verify the authenticity of this email, we have copied in people who have actively been involved with this upgrade and they are available for further discussion and to answer any questions in the ZClassic 2 telegram or the ZClassic 2 discord


The ZClassic Community