Voted for Trump? I have only one plea.

I don’t want this author or anyone else telling me as a Trump supporter what I must do. Handle your own life, and if you want to do something about issues you disagree with, go for it. I nor any other Trump supporter controls what comes out of someone’s mouth. We are a nation founded on freedom of speech, and you can choose to ignore it. We can’t put duct tape over someone’s mouth or tell Trump who to appoint to certain Cabinet positions. Trump is a successful businessman who will make good choices for America. It is high time we have someone who fights for us instead of AGAINST American citizens. Trump has shaken up his team several times during his campaign, and he may well do that time and again before January 20, 2017. As for the KKK and any other hate group, I must state again we are a nation that allows people their opinions. YOU SIMPLY IGNORE IT. We can’t stop them or shut them up. They only represent a minuscule percentile of the population and not the majority. I suggest the author take on these issues you disagree with on your own or with others who support your cause.

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