“It’s our moral responsibility as designers to create products that everyone can use”

An illustration of a magnifying glass magnifying text, a color picker and an eye
An illustration of a magnifying glass magnifying text, a color picker and an eye

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we wanted to share the amazing work of just one of our plugin developers — and show how small accessibility changes can have a big impact for millions of users.

Sketch wouldn’t be the platform it is today without our incredible community of plugin developers. …

This month, we’re introducing the option to export assets directly from Cloud and bringing a new Prototyping feature to the Mac app.

Powering up prototyping

We teased it in our 2020 video, but one of our focuses for this year is Prototyping. Since we introduced the feature back in Sketch 49, you’ve used it heavily and given us some great feedback. And we’ve been making some important changes.

In January, we introduced the option to hide hotspots in Cloud prototypes, making it easier to truly test your ideas and user experiences, without giving away where people should tap or click.

Now, with version 65 of the Mac app, we’re introducing the option to maintain the position of scrolling Artboards after you click on a prototype link. When you enable this option, you can scroll through an app or website prototype, click on a link to change Artboards, and scrolling elements will stay exactly as they are instead of returning to the top of the screen. …

How designer, writer and digital creator Jon Yablonski used Sketch to turn his own daily reflections on humane design into a resource that everyone can benefit from.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in thinking around the goals of product design. Now more than ever, instead of solely supporting business needs, designers have to consider the ethical implications of the products they’re working and apply their skills in a way that supports the wellbeing of users. Designer, writer and digital creator Jon Yablonski is doing his bit to help with that.

Jon is the creator of Humane By Design — a website that lays out the principles of the humane design movement, and offers resources that help designers put those principles into action in the products they work on. …



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