“It’s our moral responsibility as designers to create products that everyone can use”

An illustration of a magnifying glass magnifying text, a color picker and an eye
An illustration of a magnifying glass magnifying text, a color picker and an eye

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we wanted to share the amazing work of just one of our plugin developers — and show how small accessibility changes can have a big impact for millions of users.

Sketch wouldn’t be the platform it is today without our incredible community of plugin developers. The tools they create make it easier to design incredible products. And when it comes to making your designs accessible, our community of plugin developers have built some great tools to help. …

This month, we’re introducing the option to export assets directly from Cloud and bringing a new Prototyping feature to the Mac app.

Powering up prototyping

We teased it in our 2020 video, but one of our focuses for this year is Prototyping. Since we introduced the feature back in Sketch 49, you’ve used it heavily and given us some great feedback. And we’ve been making some important changes.

In January, we introduced the option to hide hotspots in Cloud prototypes, making it easier to truly test your ideas and user experiences, without giving away where people should tap or click.

Now, with version…

How designer, writer and digital creator Jon Yablonski used Sketch to turn his own daily reflections on humane design into a resource that everyone can benefit from.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in thinking around the goals of product design. Now more than ever, instead of solely supporting business needs, designers have to consider the ethical implications of the products they’re working and apply their skills in a way that supports the wellbeing of users. Designer, writer and digital creator Jon Yablonski is doing his bit to help with that.

Jon is the creator of…

This month, we’re introducing Tints, a redesigned Components menu, and some big improvements to search in the Mac app. We’re also making layer selection more powerful in Cloud Inspector.

Introducing Tints

Tints are a new way to apply a color to Symbols and groups, without relying on complex workarounds or multiple styles. When you apply a Tint, the new color affects everything, including borders and areas with different fill opacities. Tints work great with Library or document colors, and they’re easy to override, making them perfect for things like icons with multiple states or items in a tab bar.

Sketch may have started life as a Mac app, but it has evolved to combine the best of native macOS technologies with browser-based collaboration tools that help over one million people to design better products.

We’ve been hard at work making our Cloud platform the best place for collaboration, whether you’re a solo designer or a growing team. Last month, we officially took Teams out of beta and brought free developer handoff to Sketch with Cloud Inspector. And with Sketch 63, we made saving documents to Cloud even faster.

Since we launched the Teams beta, we’ve heard from lots of…

From time to time, we take a step back from launching big features to focus on smaller improvements and fixes that all add up to a better experience. And with Sketch 63, we’re excited to bring you some of these smaller, but equally important, updates.

At the same time, Sketch 63 is the last release of the Mac app to support macOS 10.13. From Sketch 64 onwards, you will need to be running macOS 10.14 or higher to stay up to date.

Faster Cloud uploads

When you save a document to Cloud, there’s a lot of work that goes on in the background…

In our 2020 teaser video, we announced that developer handoff was coming to Cloud in January 2020. And today, we’re excited to make good on that promise with a beta launch of Cloud Inspector.

Cloud Inspector makes it easy for developers to get the information they need to turn pixels into code — all in the browser and, most importantly, for free. It’s another step on our journey to build great collaboration tools for teams, and an important part of our mission to help people design better products.

With today’s launch, the first version of Cloud Inspector is officially…

After an exciting end to 2019, we’re kicking off the year with an update to the Mac app. It’s packed full of bug fixes, improvements and a handy new upgrade to Smart Layout. Here’s what’s new in Sketch 62:

New Smart Layout controls

With this release, we’re introducing a new Smart Layout control to make creating and using flexible components in your designs more reliable.

Now, when you give a Symbol Smart Layout properties, you’ll see a field for minimum height (for vertical layouts) or minimum width (for horizontal layouts) under the Layout panel in the Inspector.

With this, you can set minimum dimensions…

There’s no doubt that 2019 has been one of the biggest years in Sketch’s history — from announcing our first funding round, to launching the Sketch for Teams public beta it’s been an exciting 12 months. But we’re even more excited for what lies ahead. Before we show you a few sneak previews, though, we thought we’d reflect on this year’s highlights.

Our first funding round

Back in March, we announced our first capital raise since Sketch began almost ten years ago. …

How Alex Durussel-Baker turned her diagnosis into an opportunity to raise awareness

Photo by Ellie Morag

As Diabetes awareness month comes to an end we wanted to share an amazing story of how one designer found a way to channel the ups and downs of her illness into a project that could change lives.

Alex Durussel-Baker found out she had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a hospital in New York city. Nine hours before, while taxiing to the runway, her doctor called to say her blood glucose levels were through the roof and that she should get to a hospital immediately. …


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