🦄 Sketch Version 44 — What’s new? …then this happend. Prototyping in Sketch, Workflow tips…

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What a week! Sketch 44 surprised many of us with its amazing new scaling features. And with “Craft”, you can now create prototypes in Sketch. Plus Bohemian’s new licensing model is kicking in, leaving many of us wondering if it’s worth updating right away…

Version 44

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Sketch Version 44 — What’s new? Check out the whole list!

Redesigned Artboard picker, improved selection, plus a new option in the Inspector to tell an Artboard to adjust the size of its contents when resized…

…then this happend.



Want to Prototype in Sketch? Well now you can!

Big props have to go out to my good friends Aby and Andrey who started out with this little plugin called Silver Flows that blew peoples minds at the time. So good in fact that InVision acquired them…

Prototyping in sketch

Prototyping in Sketch is here

Bring unrivaled context and continuity to your Sketch workflow — and create better products — with Craft Prototype.

Design System

A designed system

The Simplest How-To Guide for Sharing a Design System with Your Team

Design systems are hotter than your mom right now, so I’m gonna answer the question on everyone’s mind: From the symbols page in your Sketch file, select your component artboards (buttons, inputs…

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Announcing Brand.ai Partnership with UX Power Tools

Building and managing design systems isn’t easy. It’s months of work creating the system in the first place, and sharing it while keeping your whole team in sync is a headache. Luckily, Brand.ai can…


Sketchapphub duplicator

🥁 Quick, Step, Duplicate and Repeat! — The Duplicator Plugin

A small Sketch plugin that takes the currently selected layers and copies them once or multiple times in a specified direction.

Launchpad 0.6 — Hover effects and more!

Every week we are rolling out a new set of exciting features. To make sure you stay up to date with the latest on Launchpad — With a single click you can now add Hover animations to buttons or any…

Dynamic Icons in Sketch

Two years ago, I had a grand total of zero minutes played in Sketch. Today — let’s do the math — I have approximately 18 months in Sketch x 172 working hours per month, equalling 3,132 hours. In that…

Avocode og converter teaser

Get Early Access to PSD to Sketch Design Converter

Switching from Photoshop to Sketch? Sign up for a Private Beta and convert .psd designs to layered .sketch files soon.

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Sketch is not a UX design tool

Drawing vector graphics was one of the very first professional applications for personal computers. In those Wild West days of the late 1970s, as soon as there was a microprocessor and a display…

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