Sketch Freebies & Resources #201

Sketch Repo
Jun 24, 2019 · 2 min read

Mobile Service Dashboard — Otis

A mobile service dashboard with vivid colors and a clean design. Author: Prakhar Neel Sharma. Get it →

Travel Website Template — Travelster

Here’s a travel website template with an elegant design made in Sketch. Author: Bhavna Kashyap. Get it →

Food App Concept

A food app concept with a light and minimal design ready to use. Author: Hijin Nam. Get it →

Gradient Space Icons Set

This useful set of gradient space icons was designed and shared by Mira Violet. Get it →

Gradients Pack

This lively colored pack of gradients was designed and shared by Marina. Get it →

Desktop Scrollbar Components

This pack of desktop scrollbar components was designed and shared by Dominic Sebastian. Get it →

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