Sketch Resources — Issue 21

Customize Product Page

A lovely product customization page with a modern UI. Author: Rodrigo Borges

Onboarding Food And Drinks App

Clean and simple onboarding screens for a food and drinks app concept. Author: kalachakravarthi 404 Page

A cool 404 page for Unsplash with a great choice of imagery. Author: Anthony Jones

Ecommerce Page Concept

Thanks to Arvind Raj for sharing this resource!. Author: Arvind Raj

Planner Dashboard Concept

Very neat design and subtle colors in this planner dashboard concept. Author: Ghani Pradita

Create and maintain a Slide Deck from within your Sketch file

A nice tutorial on how to create and maintain a Slide Deck while iterating on a UI design in Sketch.

How to Use Sketch to Draw Sequence Diagrams

Interesting article detailing the process of drawing sequence diagrams in Sketch.

Does anyone use Sketch app for logo design on daily a basis?

Captivating discussion on Designer News about using Sketch to design logos.

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