Sketch Resources — Issue 24

Countdown Screen

Here’s a nicely presented countdown screen with a minimalist UI and a good color combination. Author: Padam Boora

E-Commerce Stumptown for Mobile

Here’s a nice mobile app concept for the coffee supply service Stumptown, designed by JoJo Marion.

Fitness Analytics

A beautiful fitness analytics widget featuring a smooth UI and an awesome chart. Author: Padam Boora

Moto 360 Template

This useful Moto 360 template also comes with a wireframe version and it’s ideal for showcasing apps that you’ve designed. Author: Bryce Daniel

Food Icons Pack

Such a cute and delicious set of food icons designed and shared by WORAWALUNS.

Better symbols for Sketch

An interesting article that presents a few ideas on improving symbols in Sketch.

Sketch with a dark UI

Awesome example of how Sketch would like with a dark UI.

Pretty diffs for Sketch files on GitHub

Git client generating pretty diffs built right into Sketch.

Sketch tip: Easy gradients with blend modes

Clever trick to generate gradients in Sketch by using blend modes.

Sketch tip: How to paste unstyled text

A handful of ways in which you can paste unstyled text in Sketch.

How to Collaborate With Your Team Using Sketch

A useful article that lists some the best practices for a good teamwork workflow with Sketch.

Sketch Tutorial for iOS Developers

A nice tutorial that can serve as a great introduction to using Sketch.

Segment Circle

A Sketch plugin that creates radial charts, circles as areas or lines with a custom number of points/segments.

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