Sketch Resources — Issue 34

iOS Banking UI

Here’s a beautifully designed iOS banking app with a clean and smooth UI. Author: Silvia Bormüller

Activity Monitor Dashboard

An awesome activity monitor dashboard with colourful graphs and a cool UI. Author: Jardson Almeida

Dualshock4 — Sketch & Principle

Here’s is a nice product screen for Dualshock4 designed in Sketch and animated with Principle. Author: Alexander Boychenko

Facebook Feeds Screens

Here are the Facebook Feed screens designed entirely in Sketch. Awesome! Author: Kejia Shao

Material UI Kit

An awesome Material Design UI kit packed with various components. Author: Sergiu Firez

New In Sketch 3.7 Beta

A list of new features and improvements in the latest version of Sketch Beta.

10 Tips & Best Practices for SketchApp

A set of best practices that can help you make your designs better and more efficient.

How to Make an Awesome Logo for Your Startup in Sketch

A small tutorial that goes through the three key steps to building a logo for your startup in Sketch.

Qordoba for Sketch

Qordoba’s Sketch plugin allows designers to translate their mockups to other languages, making product internationalization easier.

Creating Patterns In Sketch

A handy tutorial that describes the basics of creating a geometric, or repeating, pattern in Sketch.

Code Generator Plugin for Sketch

A useful plugin for converting your Sketch designs into Swift or Objective-C code.

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