Sketch Resources — Issue 36

Bots UI Kit

A useful UI kit which will help you prototype your own Messenger Bots. Author: David Stefanides

Music Player Concept for the Apple Watch

This is a nice music player concept for the Apple Watch made in Sketch and designed by Evgeny Arkhipov. Author: Evgeny Arkhipov

Curriculum Vitae Template

A curriculum vitae template with well balanced colors and a nice design. Author: Maciej Jasiński

Online Magazine Concept

An online magazine concept with well balanced colors and a nice design. Author: Elena Saharova

Windows Phone 8.1 UI Kit

This Windows Phone 8.1 UI kit was designed and released by Dmitriy Markov. Author: Dmitriy Markov

Fun with symbols in Sketch 3.7

A useful article describing a cool way of using the new symbols in Sketch 3.7.

Prototyping a refresh animation with Flinto and Sketch 3

A nice video showing how to prototype a refresh animation with Flinto and Sketch 3.

My Favorite Sketch Updates in Version 3.7

Great roundup of the new features and improvements available in Sketch 3.7.

Sketch + FramerJS — up and running

A handy article documenting and sharing the source files for a small project built with Sketch and Framer.

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