Datestamping my prediction on Intercom.

Eoghan McCabe wrote a post yesterday on the growth journey of Intercom and “trending aggressively towards profitability”.

We use Intercom a lot at Inn Style to support our customers. I spend a fair amount of time in Intercom improving segments and finding new ways our support team can assist customers.

I’ve noticed a change in their app that indicated a direction toward customer support that goes beyond chat and email.

Eoghan’s post yesterday very subtly reinforced it for me.

That guy on the right is either flexing his muscles … or talking on the phone.

My prediction is Intercom will announce a move to include telephone support.

  1. It rounds off their suite of tools for supporting and educating the customer base
  2. It fills in the gap for businesses comparing them to the likes of ZenDesk.
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