Everything will be alright, Don’t Worry. No!

Like everything else, stolen from Google


I was holding to my grandpas while he was taking me on my first trip to the town nearby. My tiny hands were trying hard to hold his big hard palm. Then he forgot something back at home. He asked me to run back home to get it, while he would watch me from where he was. “Dont worry, Everything will be alright he said”, letting me a boy of 5, cross the wooden bridge over the river alone. I was running as fast as my little legs would let me and then I fell down from the bridge into the water below.


I had just passed high school and joined college as freshman. As every kid from the small town, I was frightened about the world outside. “Don’t worry, everything will be alright” , my mom said, as she packed my bag. My parents dropped me off at the college hostel and they returned home, feeling proud about their child reaching college. I got severely beaten up by seniors that night.


I am in the final year of college. We had a party at one of the dorms and all of us shared our sad life stories whilst getting drunk. One of my friends had an exceptionally sad story about his love life. “Dont worry, Everything will be alright”, we all told him, hugging him. We all went back to our rooms after the party. He hung himself from the ceiling fan in his room the following night.


I had just started my career. Just got my first job. I was asked to go to meet my boss at his office. I didn’t feel good about it. There were rumours everywhere about the impacts of being called to the Boss’s office. The only friend I had at my workspace was trying to reassure me. “Don’t worry, everything will be alright” he said, patting my back. I hoped he would be right. I was fired that day.


I had just lost my job. I felt miserable about myself, but she was besides me holding my hand. “Don’t worry, everything will be ok” she said, holding me tight. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do, but her words gave me strength. And I trusted her. She broke up with me the next week.


It was years later. Looking at my sister’s eyes I knew she was in pain. Laying on the hospital bed, she couldn’t hide it well. “Don’t worry, everything will be alright”, my brother-in-law told her, hugging her. She held him tightly as she tried to not cry. She lost the fetus that day.


Looking at my uncle while he lay on the ICU bed was frightening. He was a man of strength, never vulnerable. I held his hands. He could hardly move his fingers, but I could feel him pressing onto mine. “Dont worry, everything will be alright” , I whispered to him. He smiled. He passed away the next morning.

I got hold of a string of wire on my way down from the bridge. I held onto it as I tried to stay on top of the water level and screamed my lungs out. A passing by lady jumped into the river and pulled me out. I survived the fall, but with a fear for water ever since.
While I got beaten up, a senior I knew from school walked into the room and let me free. He helped me get back on my feet and got me back to my room. With bruises I survived the night.
To see him hanging from the celing was scary. It did haunt me for a while later. But as time goes by, you move on. I too survived the grief.
After getting fired, I spent a lot of time reflecting on myself. What needs to be fixed in my life. Well, I did fix them and I got a far far better job. I survived.
Time heals your wounds. Time gives you courage. Time gives you perspective. Time helps you forgive. Time gives you closure. She is with someone else now, and I survived that.
Did I say time heals everything? Well my sister recovered, they tried again, and a year later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. We all survived that.
Uncle passed away peacefully while in his sleep. He didn’t wake from his sleep in the morning when the nurses checked on him. It was sad, but yeah, time went by and we all survived the grief.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”– Robert Frost.