Introducing Viaduct, Airbnb’s data-oriented service mesh

By: Raymie Stata, Arun Vijayvergiya, Adam Miskiewicz

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At Hasura’s Enterprise GraphQL Conf on October 22, we presented Viaduct, what we’re calling a data-oriented service mesh that we believe will bring a step function improvement in the modularity of our microservices-based Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). In this blog post, we describe the philosophy behind Viaduct and provide a rough sketch of how it works. Please watch the presentation for a more detailed look.

Massive SOA Dependency Graphs

For a while, Service-Oriented Architectures have been moving towards ever larger numbers of small microservices. Modern applications can consist of thousands to tens of thousands of microservices connected in unconstrained ways. …

Taking Expo Home from prototype to production in weeks

It’s not often the best engineering decision to use the “coolest new thing”. It’s almost universally agreed upon that the smart thing to do is to rely on time-tested and stable technologies. With regards to a web or mobile backend, the sage advice is to use a relational database, build RESTful APIs, and in general just use things that everybody knows and understands; “Keep it simple” is the agreed upon mantra.

At Expo, we diligently follow the “keep it simple” rule. Being a small startup, we have a lot of projects and not many people, and it’s important that we focus on shipping features. …


Adam Miskiewicz

Staff Engineer @AirbnbEng

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