In that sense, AWS wins because of the range of products you can tie your Lambda functions to.
Who has the serverless advantage?
David Mytton

This is a really good point. Serverless is not just FaaS. All the other services abstracting away implementation details for basic functionality are just as important. Using SQS or Kinesis instead of managing your own RabbitMQ cluster is just as “serverless” as handling API responses with Lambda and .

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see a ‘lambda last’ way of adopting serverless architectures. Companies embrace more and more different platform services in various places — for things like queuing, pub-sub, log management or ML. Business logic starts creeping into the function hooks around these services. Eventually they decide to just move all the remaining logic to FaaS. This gradual transition, resulting in a deep lock-in, is much more likely to happen on AWS than any other platform today.