How to dress like a local in Germany

Shiv Kumar Gupta

People of Germany love to dress in formal and stylish clothes. If you want to visit places in Germany, do business and have food outdoors you should dress up in casual or business orientated clothes.

Germans like to wear dark color clothes which are popular among them. Younger people likes to wear jeans which are admired by the German people. People who work in businesses and German teachers going for work wear blazers and leather dress shoes with jeans. Jeans which are tailored and black would be a good choice.

Light colored jeans should be avoided. Jeans which are skinny, bootcut and straight-leg are favored by the people in Germany. Women wear skinny jeans and boots which is the current trend.

What shoes to wear

German people like to wear shoes or sandals which are stylish and comfortable instead of sneakers as in many towns of Germany the streets are cobbled. They love to wear Hotter Shoes, which are comfortable and stylish.

High heels should be completely avoided. You can try shoes that have bases of type flip-flop and shoes which are interchangeable. Sleek and Slim shoes are worn by Germans. German people likes to wear tennis shoes but do not wear shoes with soles which are heavy.

Comfortable sandals which are slim, strapped with leather and of black or brown color are worn by women in summers. German women in winters wear flat boots with leggings or skinny jeans, with dresses and with tights and skirts. Men, during the entire year like to wear tennis shoes which are sleek and are of black or brown color. They also wear shoes or boots made of leather.

Clothing tips for men and women

Men usually wear denim clothing, skinny jeans, t-shirts, wool coats, blazers with hoodies. Guys wear polo shirts but button down. Collared shirts are seen more often. Men in summer, never wear shirts which are sleeveless. They wear shirts with sleeves that are rolled up or short. Plain T-shirts are common as Germans don’t wear shirts with brand logos. You will rarely see German people in suits. In Germany, business culture trends are casual.

Cardigan or jacket which are lightweight are carried by German women in summers. Most women in Germany like to wear pants or jeans instead of skirts or dresses. Skirts and dresses are worn by women for special occasions, sometimes to work, perhaps to church, or in the evenings. Sundresses are not worn in cities but are worn in coastal areas and resorts. They like to wear tunic top with loose fitting along with a scarf.

Pashmina ( a fine type of cashmere wool) is popular among women in Germany which can get along with any outfit. Denim jeans with flowing blouses in white, beige, and bright citrus colors, over-sized scarves, and fedoras are common among women in summers.

In winters, you should wear plenty of warm layers like stylish sweaters, gloves, scarves, thermals, hats, thick petticoat etc. Avoid khaki pants or shorts as Germans never wear them. Jeans which are light in color should be avoided even if they are expensive or are of superior brands. Both men and women in Germany never wear khakhi shorts, so you should avoid wearing bermudas or khakis. Clothes which have cartoon characters should be avoided.


Women wear scarves or pashminas in various colors, and designs instead of wearing a necklace. In Germany, scarves are the accessory . Women can wear them with anything and are considered for any season including summer. The European knot and the bandana are popular ways used by women to tie their scarf. Many women skillfully cover their scarves in front.


Germans love to wear glasses which are rectangular in shape and with frames which are colorful and notable. Germans love to spend money freely on eyeglass frames. So if you are wearing a circular shape eyeglass, you should consider a change before visiting Germany.


Germans do not wear windbreakers which are colorful. Germans who love outdoor activities wear rain gear which are dark in color and jackets which are windbreaker type.


Elderly Germans wear quilted vests. Vests which are not stylish at all but bigger and boxier like puffer vests. Avoid wearing geriatric vests as Germans do not wear them.

Messenger bag

Avoid carrying a backpack as Germans use messenger or a shoulder bag.

Bonus for My Readers:

You can get more information about German traditional dress facts published by What’s Up, Germany? (quarterly e-magazine brought out by the German Embassy New Delhi) in their latest magazine issue about Holidays in Germany.

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