Popularity of Shahrukh Khan In Germany

Shiv Kumar Gupta
May 18, 2017 · 3 min read

One of India’s superstars, Shahrukh Khan is not just a Bollywood actor, but also the unofficial ambassador of Indian Movies on foreign turf.

Pic Credit: unp.me

In the 1990s, right when the Indian economy opened up to the idea of getting into business and conducting trade with the world, Shahrukh emerged as one of the most promising actors of the B-town. While Indians were moving to all parts of the world to set up business and get into lucrative jobs, the actor was working in some movies which went on to become all time-classics, one of which was ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. Not only did the movie win over the hearts of NRIs settled all across the globe, but in Germany as well. The love for the movie soon spread like wildfire and earned some ardent fans from the German diaspora, so much so that it was released as Wer Zuerst Kommt, Kriegt Die Braut in Germany.

But that wasn’t all, the actor’s fresh face, his uncanny energy, his almost contagious smile and his dimples made many a Germans fall head over heels for him. And if that wasn’t enough, his choice of movies acted as the icing on the cake.

Pic Credit: unp.me

Next up in line to make the actor’s hold over the locals even stronger was ‘Kabhie Khushi, Kabhie Gham’. It was the first Indian movie ever to win screen space on the mainstream German Television, and opened up the doors for millions of Germans to watch, embrace and fall in love with this middle-aged yet utterly romantic hero.

Shahrukh Khan himself made a grand entry at the 58th Berlin International Film Festival. The actor who essentially visited the festival for the screening of his then upcoming movie ‘Om Shanti Om’, managed to win more hearts than any Indian actors ever has in his 2 days of stay in Germany. At least not on foreign land. Not only did he win some incredible share in the news, both in print and electronic, but was also mobbed by fans right after the premiere show at the Kino International.

While one journalist was found quoting,

“He is as popular as the Pope, but has more sex appeal”

a mainline daily came up with the headline ‘Der Beauch Von King Khan Sorgt Fur Fan-Hysterie’ comparing the star with the likes of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, thus proving that the popularity of Shahrukh Khan In Germany is truly unparalleled.

While a large part of the star’s fandom can be attributed to effective public relations measures and right timing, it is essentially the actor’s consistent hard work, his clean image and his modesty that has truly gone a long way in helping him win people’s hearts like none other. It is only due to his impeccable acting skills and an alluring aura, that he has so seamlessly achieved the feat of being one of the few ‘global superstars’. And why not? After all, not many Indian celebrities have put the nation at the global forefront like Sharhrukh Khan has!

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