Prototype with a help of inVision

May 27, 2018 · 2 min read


Introducing my first ever prototype using Sketch+InVision collaboration:

On this exercise I improved my skills in prototyping through InVision service.this is really cool soft for this kind of work. I made some interactions between sreens and this turned my wireframe into real prototype. I had 2 problems:

  • screen dimensions didn’t match in Sketch and InVison for the same type of device(in my case -Iphone8)
  • Quality of *pdf screens was not as good as i expected

At the end of my exercise i set up next interactions between screens:

  1. Set up loading screen for 800ms to show up right after app launch
  2. Next what you see is map with pin pointed cars locations.
  3. Menu button can take you to menu screen with slide left transition
  4. Menu screen consists of “login”, “registration” and couple of more options.
  5. Login button can take you to login screen where you can login to the app under your name.
  6. Registration button can take you to Sign up page where you can create account.
  7. Filter button can take you to filter pop up window with 3 settings and “OK” button on the bottom.
  8. When you press “OK” button on previous screen , it will take you back to main map screen
  9. Search button can take you to “Available cars in your area” screen
  10. You can get out to main map screen by clicking on “close sign” or “back to map” buttons
  11. I used “dissolve” transition effect for a most screens. For other 2 screens I applied “slide left” effect.


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Design therapist. Ukraine raised & Miami based. Creating experiences🖱🖱

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