You need to have these outfits for your next Goa holiday

By Flexcia D’Souza

A place I call home coincidentally happens to be a place where millions wish to come on a vacation — probably because it’s promoted as one of the finest party destination in the country or probably because of its laid-back vibe and pristine beaches. But, before every Goa holiday, a lot of time and money is spent on getting those perfect looks. A task which seems extremely difficult is actually very simple. You definitely need some swimwear if you’re going to swim. But if you don’t intend to, you can just tweak up your regular outfits — throw in some accessories, mix and match what you already have and have you Goa outfits sorted. Just remember to add the sunglasses and a large hat along. Here are some holiday outfit options and tips one can keep in mind while packing for a Goa holiday which will make you look stunning and get some amazing pictures!

#1 A pretty bikini or swimsuit

Well, even if you aren’t a swimmer, who wouldn’t want at least one picture on the beach wearing a bikini or a sexy swimsuit right? You may wear a bikini below a beach dress or cape if you think you do not have the bikini body. But wearing one sure makes you feel like you’re in Goa. Tip: You need not buy swimwear beforehand. Almost every popular beach in Goa has a hundred options of bikinis to pick up from the street stalls lining the lane outside the beach.

#2 A sexy beach dress

Again, you don’t need to pack one since you will find one almost anywhere in Goa at throwaway prices. Trust me, you can buy beach dresses for as cheap as Rs 300 along the beach. From vibrant colours to a sheer white, backless to plunging necks — you have a variety of options to pick from.

#3 A nice summer dress

Believe it or not, Goa doesn’t really have winters — its monsoons and summers. Since not many people come in during the rains, having a nice summer dress with you won’t hurt. It’s extremely comfortable and well, makes you look the part of being on a Goa holiday!

#4 Palazzos

Because let’s admit it — they’re the most comfortable thing ever. If you want you spice up your outfit a bit, pack a slightly dressy one. Or else a simple bell-bottomed printed one would work wonders.

#5 A wrap around skirt

Since Goa has many beaches and you will be visiting at least a few, a wraparound skirt will come in so handy. It looks incredibly chic and stylish. Also, great for pictures. *wink*

#6 A quirky pair of denims or a dungaree

Because you never know when you might need them. You don’t really need to wear denims in Goa, but there’s no harm in keeping one handy since they are easy to pair with almost anything.

#7 Shorts

Who would want to come to Goa without shorts? Get them in every colour, every pattern you can — because you’ll find yourself wearing it way more than you imagined. Since they’re so versatile, you can pair them with literally anything and wear them almost everywhere.

#8 A sexy romper

Just in case you decide to hit a pool party. There are a lot of them happening throughout the year, the biggest being the ones during Holi, Friendships Day and San Jao. What better to wear to a pool party than a romper — it’s chic and sexy at the same time.

#9 A trendy shift dress

From breakfast to sightseeing, you can take it anywhere. IF you do not get the time to change, you can wear it to a party too.

#10 Some cool party wear options

Though no one really dresses up for parties in Goa (you can just wear shorts with a trendy top and no one would care), there are places where people are really dressed up and you do not wish to feel underdressed, or rather overdressed. Pick your outfit carefully — keep it casual, but make sure you look sexy enough to turn a few eyeballs at the disc.

#11 A cape and/or scarf

Because, you do not know when you may need it. From using it as a cover-up to avoid the scratching sun to throwing it on as a piece of accessory with your outfit, a scarf is very versatile. Similarly a cape can be used as a cover-up at the beach or the pool or to pep up a basic outfit like a white tank top.

#12 Hand-woven top or dress

Because, no better place to wear it than Goa. Goa is known to be a hippies paradise and you won’t look like an odd one out if you’re wearing a garment made of natural fabrics.

#13 A nice dress for the cruise

Many people tend to hop onto the cruise for a very Goan experience. And you want to be dressed for the part when you’re up there. Why not decide on a nice dress or a jumpsuit before you arrive to Goa?

#14 A brunch dress

Yes, Sundays in Goa are for brunches, since you’re partying the night away anyways. A cool off shouldered dress or a trendy cotton dress should work.

#15 Crop tops

Get them in any style or patterns as you can because you can wear them and look absolutely phenomenal everywhere you go — may it be a nightclub or the beach.

#16 A jumpsuit

For when it’s too sunny or slightly cold. Preferably one which lets you roll the sleeves! Perfect for a day out exploring the colonial wonders in the capital city.

#17 Lots of junk jewellery

Because, Goa! You can mix and match all chunky neckpieces and dangling earrings with almost anything you wear. You can comfortably sport your nose ring and coloured braids as well.

About the Writer

Flexcia is a quintessential Goan girl who loves all good things in life. Her interest in fashion is what led into her short stint in modelling before she moved to blogging.

The writer within her, her penchant for documenting everything through photographs and interest in telling stories is what helps her keep going.



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