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It’s the old fallacy about “Oh no, that ‘poor’ person has something nice — they obviously can’t be poor!”. DailyKos did an article about this a while back:

It still doesn’t invalidate Talia’s point — which was that the company she was working for was not paying a living wage. It was not paying enough that someone working for them full time was able to adequately feed & clothe themselves with the money they were paid. This is a rising trend not just in the US but everywhere as right-wing politicians have rushed to deregulate the workplace & strip workers of protection, in the name of driving down costs for the businesses they own large amounts of shares in. What they don’t realise is that the workers they cheat out of a living wage are also often their customers, and they consequently spend less, so they think “Damn, gotta drive down those costs even further!” or they lay off staff — meaning fewer customers have cash to spend. Austerity & low pay is a race to the bottom, which only ends up with 3rd world scenarios.