It’s inheritance that is immoral, not inheritance tax
Abi Wilkinson

When my parents die, I (a fairly inexperienced computer programmer bang on the national median income with a wife earning less than me working for a bank & two dependent kids) will inherit a share of a fortune around £250K. My sister (disabled, on DLA) & her 2 kids get the other half, after funeral expenses & whatever it costs to give my parents the end of life care they may require. Neither of us is a Jemima or Edward. and the windfall will just about get us out of debt & slightly reduce the mortgage I have to pay on my £135K 3-bed house. If employers paid fairly I might agree with you but as it is, every little helps & if you want our Tory government to take it & buy a bomb to drop on Syria (which is what they’ll do with the money) you can bu***r off. Sorry Abi, but nah.

Personally I’d sooner see heavier inheritance tax on the super-rich & for it to automatically go into a social fund helping to reduce inequality.

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