Alarm button. Widget for WaY application.

Today was published widget “Alarm button” application WaY (family locator).

Features of this application, for both users and developers, I will describe below.

Requires installed “WaY — family locator, tracker” (version at least 2.0). WaY (Where are You) — gps, wi-fi family locator, tracker.

Alarm button” is used to send an alarm to the families and loved ones in a dangerous situation.

The signal has a very long vibration and ringtone of incoming call.
It can be used in any dangerous situation. The entire list of contacts received coordinates of the current location of the person who pushed the button.

In versions of Android before Lollipop widget can be installed on the key guard.
It is a supplement to the application “WaY — family locator, tracker.” It does not work alone, without an application.

The features that we would like to allocate for the developers:
1. Widget is separate from the application module
2. Being a fan of splitting the program into parts, I want to note that the relationship between these two modules is carried out via broadcast receivers and Action. This allows not to create a common data. But it lets you connect together multiple modules of completely different programs and packages.

Kind regards.​