Useful experience. My first publication on Google Play.

January 22 has been a month since my application for obtaining the location of relatives and friends “WaY” (“Where are you?”) was published Google Play!

Small date. But this month there was a lot of important events, I learned a great number of important and even necessary lessons. But all about this later in this article.

Today I will show not only the statistics for the week, but also for the entire period. I’ll tell you what could be done better and what I need to do better in the future. There will contains the information that is sure to need those who are planning or have already published their apps on Google Play.


It is not easy to start, not having money (or, having no desire to spend money) for promotion and advertising. I am trying to occupy the niche in which there are already applications-giants with a huge number of downloads and users, I needed to have in the sleeve some trump card. I decided that this trump will be ease of use.

What I mean by ease of use? Let me explain with an example. If a person needs a fork, but everywhere he finds only a versatile tool with corkscrew, spoon, built-in flashlight and a pair of scissors — it can be a little confused. So I decided to give a person only what he wants to, without overloading the application unnecessary functionality.

The idea was to give parents a tool to instantly obtain the coordinates of their children in one click. Many parents (if not all) are going through when their child is not at home late in the evening (or catch up with horror: in the winter, in a blizzard, when the city is no light). Well, the idea was embodied in reality.


The app was released and started with over 50 position on any request. And here the important notice — the description of the application should include as much as possible correct description of functionality, because Google indexes it. At the same time, it would be very cool to avoid errors in all languages of publication.

Few conjured with the description, I waited for the result. To say that it was originally the most that neither is sad — to say nothing. And I thought about advertising, which can provide on its own. I launched the “word of mouth” through the familiar.

Next, I began to publish articles about the application in various communities (people to appreciate and perhaps suggested about existing shortcomings). So, I was contacted by a wonderful man — Hugo Castelani. After a short dialogue, he did selflessly offered me to translate the application to the Brazilian Portuguese language and make a new icon. As it has been done successfully. I also continue to cooperate with him in translation. And it’s great when there are such people!

Meanwhile, advertising via communities has had an effect. I have received continuous increase in new registered users (an average of 15 per day). And I got to the fourth line for “Семейный локатор” and the first line for “Маячок”.

Advertising is now reduced to only small links in my articles, blog and various resources. Although this matter should be corrected.


Unfortunately, when I got (2 weeks) to the second position, I have received one of the most negative reviews (which actually has no semantic meaning). This will reset the application right up to the ninth position and it was a little spoiled karma. I have the courage to suggest that this review was purchased.


At the moment, the application has more than 750 registered users, rated 4.71, the high position of overgrown (4th place and 1st place, as I wrote). The average icrease of users per day — 20 people. Yes, there are flaws, but I’m trying to correct them as quickly as possible.

WaY on the tablet

I learned a lot of new and interesting things, thanks to the development of the project. Continuous feedback from users allows to create a basis for further mine growth, and application growth.

In the nearest future is preparing to release “Alarm button” and the first really major upgrade (auto-detection coordinate notification of low battery the contact, and more). I want to note this — that the application is always have high positions, only if it updated at least once every 2 weeks.

P.S. The app is free and without advertising.

I hope my experience is useful to someone. I am pleased to answer any questions.

Kind regards.