Cosmos 4.6 — a minor version with major updates

React Native support and responsive display mode

Ovidiu Cherecheș
Jul 31, 2018 · 2 min read

Here’s the idea: Upgrade Cosmos and you’ll get exciting features with no breaking changes!

GitHub release, 32 PRs strong. Authored by maxsalven, SimeonC, extramuros, xavczen, sdgandhi, Pyrolistical and yours truly.

React Native support

Possibly the most requested feature has arrived. No new package to install. Upgrade react-cosmos and put Cosmos in your mobile device.

React Native in Cosmos

How does it work?

The Cosmos server finds your fixtures and puts them inside your existing Metro build. The Cosmos UI runs on your computer and tells the Cosmos renderer (running on your device) what to load as you browse fixtures.

Pop the docs to get started.

I never worked with RN before, so I had to do some digging to put this together. Luckly I found other projects for inspiration and I’d like to thank the Storybook team for paving the way!

Responsive display mode

Boy is this fun to play with!

Responsive display mode in Cosmos

This feature is more than just a display mode. You can persist any viewport configuration via fixture.viewport{width,height} and quickly return later to see how each component looks under specific resolutions.

Thanks to for making this happen!

We both got a lot to do, so I won’t take more of your time. I’m working on some exciting stuff, but I’ll let you know when I have something to show. Make sure to follow React Cosmos if you like.

Ovidiu Cherecheș

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Slow thinker. INFJ. Fluent in JavaScript. Love to learn by creating. Evergreen newbie.

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