WireMock logo next to Spring Boot logo
WireMock logo next to Spring Boot logo

There is no free lunch when it comes to embracing microservices, a wise person once said. While there are many advantages to the approach, it comes with some undeniable challenges. One of these challenges relates to achieving proper test coverage across your system. In this blog, I will explain how I was able to tackle this, in integration-testing my Spring Boot based REST API microservices using Spring REST Docs and WireMock.

Why Use WireMock?

In mocking microservices, I aim to keep their respective integration tests as lightweight as possible. Since it’s advisable to test in isolation, simply connecting to a…

I am always thinking of ways I can improve the codebase of the GumGum Sports platform. Because of this, I’ve developed a habit of jotting down areas of improvement for this Java code. This journal tends to grow faster than the rate in which I actually address these concerns. In a similar light, I find that code-smells which slip through the cracks during the review process tend to linger in the codebase for some time. It’s difficult to balance the time commitments between addressing technical debt & building features to moving the product forward. But, we aren’t hopeless in having…

Steve Kiley

LA based Software Engineer

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