New cohorts for skillcrucial FullStack course start 17 of Feb

Today one of the students from the first wave secured two jobs offers in USA. Both are around 100k$. I had a talk to him trying to recall where form he came to the course.

So he is around 35. He used to work as risk-manager in bank for his very last 8 years and have had any programming or coding experience. After 5 month course — he easily got two offers. …

SkillCrucial Immutable data
SkillCrucial Immutable data

An immutable object is an object which state can not be changed after the object was created. What is so special about immutable objects?

Immutable objects are predictable

When objects mutates you see only the current state of the object. All object changes are lost, which leads to some not obvious side effects and bugs.

When you use the immutable approach, your app architecture is-easy-to-understand.

Immutable objects increase render performance

In different frameworks, there is lots of comparison of state. If the state is mutable, the renderer will compare every single item inside an object tree to see what changes it should re-render. In immutable approach it may compare…

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