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Mar 25 · 2 min read

An effective business presentation is where you get to convey your idea convincingly without losing your audience’s attention and achieve the ultimate goal in a manner that you intended to before the presentation. If you presented all your points but the audience did not listen, you were efficient but not effective. And if your audience did listen but were left confused regarding the basics of things, you were neither efficient nor effective. Chances of these happening are very high in the corporate world and companies say that they lose 75% of their potential revenue due to unprofessional presentations only. Hence, PowerPoint training is crucial and you need a business-level coaching irrespective of your hierarchy.

The first impression is still decisive

The room will simply ignore what you have to say if you present with a template slide that almost everyone uses. Instead, if you go for a professional and captivating design, the impression you create will hold their attentiveness. Hence, you need to search the best PowerPoint classes near me to extend your slide skills beyond templates and learn how to play with visuals to create a lasting first impression on your audience.

Colours matter more than you think

Take a cue from the advertisements that you constantly see around you. Do you get attracted to the red board with white bold letters or does your mind respond to loud blue and pink with splashes of green? Colours can make or break your professional business presentation and you learn to use the right combination with PowerPoint training. If your visuals are flashy, you need a soothing background. If you have charts to present, complement it with neutral fonts.

Telling a story

You already know that you will have to back your ideas with facts in order to convince the gathering in front. However, if you bombard them with continuous data, you will start sounding monotonous. This is where stitching your presentation like a story becomes vital. No matter the level of your audience, they will intently listen to your story as that is how we are wired to capture information. Look for PowerPoint classes near me that strengthen the storytelling aspect as well. It is like salt required to complete a dish.

Too much or too little

Even the most veteran of presenters suffer from this dilemma as to how much to include in the PowerPoint presentation. You will tend to go over if the project means the life to you. You might also hold back on crucial information to keep your presentation crisp and not crowd your slides. Good PowerPoint training courses focus heavily on this balancing factor as neither extreme will help your cause. With mock presentations, you get the required practice and develop an intuitive sense as the process moves along.

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