SkillGaming Partners Up With Sowl Token: Bringing “Play & Learn 2 Earn” to the Masses

Karen SG
7 min readJul 29, 2023
SkillGaming and Sowl to revolutionize the gaming and learning industry further

The SkillGaming team is pleased to announce our most recent strategic alliance with Sowl Token. Together, we will further revolutionise the gaming industry and the virtual education world by bringing the “play & learn 2 earn” concept to reality for the Sowl communities and the masses, which will incentivize gameplay that will earn you crypto for learning and playing hypercasual games. This will be achieved through the SOWL Educational Arcade.

SOWL Token (Token: SOWL) is the first “Learn 2 Earn” token that encourages educational advancement through gameplay. They are on the Binance Smart Chain and allow users of all ages to access various educational content and earn token rewards through educational gameplay. Their website has received the kidSAFE Seal and is backed by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States, confirming that their games are suitable for all ages. Additionally, their mobile app has also won the Gold Level award for Best in Family Technology from the Mom’s Choice Awards.

SOWL Token — Come Play & Learn 2 Earn Games in Crypto, on the other hand, is a hypercasual online gaming platform that empowers gamers, game creators, and various crypto or non-crypto projects and communities to elevate gaming to new heights. We not only provide hypercasual gaming to over 50,000 gamers via PC and mobile apps, but we also develop and stream individual branded games and build entire branded arcades for a variety of partners. In the long run and the near future, we plan to expand our gaming services to the corporate sector, including the food and beverage and airline industries. Now anyone can own games that feature their theme, brands, and mascots, or be the proud owner of a whole gaming arcade with hundreds of games in just 6 weeks.

🦉Sowl Educational Arcade

Together, the SkillGaming and SOWL teams are putting their heads together to build the SOWL Educational Arcade, which is designed to be an all-in-one educational gaming platform that allows users the opportunity to earn token rewards for meaningful gameplay on various games that will be made available. This platform will consist of educational resources available to users free of charge, a version of the game that can be played for free to learn the mechanics of how-to-play, and finally, the opportunity to pay to play and earn at various levels of difficulty based on experience level. This provides something for everyone: users who just want to gain educational content for free, those who just want to play games, and those who want to test their skills for a chance to win tokens for mastering the educational content our platform is providing.

SOWL COOL! Saffron The Owl Featured in a Game

The first featured branded play & learn 2 earn game release for Sowl Educational Arcade will be Saffron’s Moonshot, along with many other hypercasual games, a variety of play-to-earn modes, a leaderboard, and ongoing educational resources. Players can play the games for free and earn experience for bragging points, or they can play, learn, and earn SOWL tokens in Challenge, Duel, or War modes, now on the PC and in the mobile app in the future.

Any time you cause an industry disruption on the scale we are with education, you need to ensure that you have the right product, and the right team behind that product. With SkillGaming, we have exactly that. Our product is highly innovative and thanks to the SkillGaming team we were able to implement it two months. The education industry is being revolutionized with The SOWL Educational Arcade and we couldn’t be more pleased to announce this launch with our partner company,” said Megan Hallett, CEO of SOWL Education Blockchain Gaming, Inc., a Maryland Corporation that operates the DeFi utility SOWL token.

🎮 Type of Gaming Modes to earn SOWL 🕹

🔥 Challenge mode — is similar to Player versus the AI, where players compete against the computer and are rewarded in SOWL tokens when they win by hitting the threshold set for each game.

🔥 Duel mode — is similar to PVP (Player versus Player) where players compete against one another and earn SOWL tokens when they defeat their buddy or nemesis within an agreed-upon time limit.

🔥 War mode — on the other hand, is a 24-hour-long mini-tournament. It permits a person to partake in an ongoing tournament or to start one themselves. The “ammos,” or several tries can be purchased with SOWL tokens, and it provides 10 attempts. Participants will be able to play the game and submit the score a minimum of 10 times, and after 24 hours, the platform will announce the winner and 80% of the prize pot will go to the top scorer of that game.

Various Gaming Modes offered in SOWL ARCADE

⚔️ Unique Armoury Feature 🛡

Additionally, SOWL Arcade has an exclusive Armoury feature that enables players to launch small to large-scale in-game attacks on opponents. This takes gaming rivalries to a new level and is not available on any other gaming platform. The arsenal contains both important defensive strategies as well as a wealth of attacking upgrades. So it’s like a game of chess! Armoury upgrades can be unlocked using your SOWL token too.

You can read more on the armouries features here.

SkillGaming and Escape.Vision Head of Business Development, Karen Yap said, “We’ve been in talks with Meghan, the CEO of SOWL Token, and her team for a while now and have crafted a long-term partnership to further revolutionise the gaming industry and the virtual education world by spreading the play and learn to earn idea to more people out there. This should be advantageous for everyone, especially the SOWL community. We at SkillGaming are more than happy to manage SOWL Educational Arcade’s technical infrastructure and game creation to help bring their community learning and gaming vision to life!”

Users from around the world will be able to access a wide variety of educational content, from math to science to geography and more, on the Sowl Arcade platform, providing fair access to knowledge no matter where they are while playing games and having a fair chance to earn SOWL tokens.

Let’s SOWLDIER On! Check out SOWLARCADE.COM today.


The SkillGaming team!

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SkillGaming is a play-to-earn gaming platform that allows skilled gamers to play hyper-casual minigames of their choice. Gamers can play for free or earn money by playing against the AI or other players.

We have partnered with many blockchains, crypto, and NFT projects, and built stand-alone branded games and branded gaming platforms that are integrated with their tokens/blockchains.

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About SOWL Token

Sowl Token is the First “Learn 2 Earn” Token Incentivizing the Advancement of Education Through Game Play. It is a play-to-earn utility token revolutionizing the world of virtual learning through its utility, EarlyBird — eLearning for Kids. The utility is an award-winning mobile app that is being developed into a dApp designed to provide token rewards through incentivized learning and gameplay. Founded by a doxxed and KYC-verified educator, this token also has a SAFU badge and audited smart contract for additional security measures.

About SOWL Educational Arcade

The SOWL Educational Arcade is the Future of the Education Industry. It is the disruption that the age-old world of education needs to keep people motivated (the P2E/incentivization), having fun (SOWL nostalgic arcade-style games that are topical, popular, and loved by users / students / SOWLdiers), and retaining knowledge (via their patent-pending Blockchain Gamification process). The SOWL Educational Arcade consists of an ever-expanding library of arcade games (at launch, it came with 131 games) that are all P2E games where gamers can earn SOWL in exchange for completing stages or levels. Not every game is an Education game, but the team will be working on “SOWLizing” (adding education to it, reskinning, and integrating SOWL in P2E) every game so that we have hundreds (and in the future thousands) of games with different languages, every learning topic, and for all age ranges. SOWL is built with the user, student, or SOWLdier in mind. 72% of students worldwide state that they are not engaged, they are not retaining information, and they certainly are not making money. Many students believe that they are losing earning opportunities by having to sit in school all day. While SOWL believes in a healthy classroom education, we also know that we have solved the problems of the education industry. Our SOWLdiers are happy, gaining wealth, gaining knowledge, and retaining information on a vast variety of educational topics. Having fun, getting smart, staying smart, and making money are the SOWL methods for education. Welcome to the SOWL Educational Arcade!

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