Today, due to a big number of scam projects with no real value for users, the image of ICO campaigns is not that good as a couple of years ago. This shows a bad tendency for the whole blockchain industry, as well as closes doors to funding for a big number of really meaningful and valuable projects.

For Skillonomy, ICO is a cornerstone marketing and user-acquisition instrument, and we treat it as an opportunity for mass-adoption of our talent management and skill monetization platform. That’s why we decided to formulate a number of statements and criteria, called “Exemplary ICO Codex”…

Skillonomy is a talent management and skill monetization platform. But what does it mean on practice and what features does it give to members?

Income goal-oriented edu-platform

Skillonomy was created to breathe life in the old-schoolish education system. When we are used to the knowledge-based university programs with no guarantee to be monetized (or with a huge gape between the beginning of study process and the moment student starts to earn skill-based income), there are lots of opportunities behind. While studying students can get practical skills that will help them to start working immediately. Teachers also can get more palpable…


Talent management and skill monetization platform

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