Happiness is just a skill away…

There are plenty of struggles in our daily lives. To name a few, the pressure of being at par, earning to have a decent standard of living, keeping up pace with the changes, etc. We are surrounded with opportunities and we miss most of them. The reason being our self-involvement in the never ending webs of requirement. Not to forget, time constraint is the most easy and universal reason we give ourselves and people around. Remember guys, time is same for everyone; it’s us who can make the best out of it.

Time management is all about scheduling the tasks based on their priorities. Being happy is also one of the most important tasks that we must schedule on our to-do lists. Happiness is considered to be an independent entity but it is the most demanding one. We live our entire lives in the pursuit of happiness and miss out on the small things which give us so with minimum efforts. There are multiple means to happiness but the one which stays with us forever is the most pleasant one. Now, that’s a very simple yet tricky answer. Learning it is. As Dalai Lama has said, “The first step in seeking happiness is Learning”.

Now here we would like to throw some light on the platform which justifies the most feasible yet valuable option to learning, skiltil.com. Skiltil is an online skill sharing platform where the student is connected to a skilled teacher through online video calls. In these video calls, the student can learn anything from the teacher. To name a few, education, musical instruments, dance, singing, cooking, knitting, foreign language, etc. Some amazing features of Skiltil include:

  • The student can learn anything at their own time and convenience.
  • They can take the class at home, office, park, gym, bus, train, literally anywhere.
  • The sessions are personalized and well-balanced.
  • We operate on TRUE principle:
    - The process starts with the student sharing his preferred Time and Requirements.
    - A User-customized session is conducted at the scheduled time.
    - Our aim is to conclude the session with an Elated student having knowledge worth his time.
  • The sessions are affordable and wallet friendly.
  • The sessions are monitored and instant feedbacks are provided.

After mentioning so, we would like to stress on the priority of Skiltil and it is and will always be customer satisfaction and quality deliverance. We are successfully heading towards our goal to make learning handy and efficient.

We wish to welcome you on board.

Skiltil Team