What is SkinCoin and how to use it (instruction)

SkinCoin is a multipurpose cryptocurrency for the gaming industry. All game lovers, who are not acquainted with cryptocurrencies do not realize that, SkinCoin could be the first entry point, into the crypto-market, for the gaming industry.

SkinCoin is used like independent currencies, on gaming websites. 
You can shop and pay for services using SkinCoin or swap gaming skins for SkinCoin and vice versa, with minimum fees on the bitcoin exchange platform

Skin swap for SkinCoin is much profitable than skin sales on the trading platform and payment services, which accept skins as a payment with the loss of 40% on the Steam price.

SkinCoin is a safety means of payment. Every transaction is written into blockchain and is unchanged. You can trace all the transactions using the number of wallet.

How to get the SkinCoin wallet?

SkinCoin is a digital token with a standard ERC20, based on Ethereum Network. It means that you have a total control on your tokens. All transactions are written into the blockchain and no one can change or cancel it.

For SkinCoin storage, receive and send, you can use any wallet, which supports tokens based on Ethereum — MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet like flash memory stick).

You need to create a wallet and get the address for SkinCoin receive and send.

For instance, let us create the wallet on MyEtherWallet web site:

Step 1

Go to website https://www.myetherwallet.com (Attention! Always double check the correctness of the link in URL bar), create a difficult password (not less than 9 symbols) and click “Create a wallet”.

Step 2

Click “Download Keystore File (UTC/JSON)”, this is the file of your wallet. You need to save the copy of the wallet on your computer. Read the warning message attentively and click “I understand. Continue”.

Step 3

We strongly recommend printing the paper version of your wallet. Using this QR code, you always can restore the access to your wallet. For that end, click “Print”

Copy, and save your private key “Private Key (unencrypted)”. You need it to enter the wallet!

Step 4

Now save your address by clicking “Save your address”.

Enter into the Wallet

To unlock and enter into your wallet, you need to click “Keystore File (UTC/JSON)”. Specify your wallet file on the computer and insert your Private Key.

How to find your address to get SkinCoin

Now you can enter into the wallet and find your public Ethereum address, to which you can transfer SKIN token and other tokens based on Ethereum.

Congratulation! Now you have your own protected Ethereum address! Keep this address, you will use it to receive and send funds to other web sites and exchanges.

How to send SkinCoin to other address

Enter into your wallet on http://www.myetherwallet.com (do not forget to check URL in the address window!).

Entering the wallet, you immediately see your address and balance. There are different tokens on the same address — ETN, SKIN and other. Every token has its own balance.

Click “Send Ether and Tokens” and specify the number of Ethereum address, to which you want to make the transfer. Insert the amount of transfer and type of token (select SKIN). Specify Gas Limit natively, this is the charge for successful transaction, and click “Generate Transaction”.

We congratulate you with the first independent transaction. All the transactions can be traced by the number of the wallet on the web site https://etherscan.io/. Insert the number of wallet in the top right corner and get all the information about it.

For all questions, please contact us at support@skincoin.org