Does looking young affect your work?

Do you believe that your physical appearance also plays a key role in your work? Let’s say you do have the skill set and the drive but is it all that matters in your career’s success?

According to researches done from various industries, your appearance can also provide an impact in your chances of career advancement. They found out those women who looks younger and those that wears make up are perceived to be more competent, more likable, and more trustworthy and have a greater chance of getting hired or promoted. This creates a reflection that you do know how to present yourself well and the impression of you doing proving excellent job results as well.

Research also shows that attractiveness attributes to a positive impression in work settings. Your looks are a hidden persuader. In general, being young and good looking provides a number of opportunities in the workplace. They are offered a much higher wage with the impression that they are more efficient and are substantial for growth since they are young. Personal appearance becomes a very powerful factor with regards to hiring, promotions and earnings as well. Your age is not a problem, but looking your age is! Most companies choose a candidate who already knows the trade and that would save them from training expenses. However projecting an old look during application process can hurt your chances of getting hired. Maturity does not equate to looking old, you have to look smart, presentable and appealing as well.

However, there are always two sides of the coin — it can either be a blessing or a curse. Being attractive and young also has its downsides. It can pose as a threat to your co-workers and you would have to deal with their rudeness. Looking too young can also let them see you as more inferior, undeserving or not yet ready for work. You would need to hustle more to prove you’re competent enough and that you can handle the job. Highlighting your skills will be a constant battle at work. It can also lose your chances of being given a position of authority since you don’t seem to look like one.

Though not all industry greatly relies on appearance, yet discrimination in the workplace really does happen. But all other factors mentioned should not fuel all the insecurities since this will just create a negative impact on you and will reflect on all aspects of your life. At the end of the day all that really matters is if you get the job done right, deliver excellent results and that you have proven what you truly deserve.

Summing up, your look is an essential tool in your work. But this doesn’t mean you have to change your whole self to get noticed resulting to losing the real you. Sometimes the key lies on how good you present yourself professionally. The best way is to still earn your reputation and don’t forget that confidence will bring you a long way!

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