A Rant

Give me a passion… then have something or someone invade it.

Remember if you decide to read my ‘stuff’…. I use run-on sentences… run-on thoughts… like an old SNL ‘Rosanna Rosanna Danna’… When I make mistakes (yes it’s often) I simply say ‘yes, and that too’.

Writing for me is the flow of how I speak in conversation… you can’t see my dramatic flinging hands.. (unfortunately) but you get the message.. It’s not an English class.. I flunked those.

So back to my recent ‘rant’..

I was posting some pics on Instagram last night. And there it was on another man’s page. A photograph inside a local historical building being restored. That’s phrasing it politely. First you need to understand I have a bizarre relationship with photographing abandoned buildings in Birmingham AL. I began street photography through this old landmark, sharing it’s tattered decay of life stages. Suddenly I’m flashed this gorgeous inside decor ‘shot’.. magnificently composed… as I decomposed like vomit on pavement from a drunk teen.

I claimed this ‘my’ building… threw sob stories of homeless people who I had helped that claimed to be painters and could ‘get me in’ for some renewal pics. Yep… this poor guy is trying to defend his legitimate photo and I’m acting as if I’m having a street fight. Fortunately my wine glass became empty and I pouted my way to bed.

The answer is no. The answer to your question.. ‘have I been back on Instagram today… nope.. I’m poutingly in a ‘post-rant’ recovery.

©LHT 3*11*2016