What Comes With the Xyngular Ignite Weight Loss Kit?

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the inability to lose weight and achieve the health you desire, despite putting forth effort and tying different methods and programs? If so, you’re definitely not alone. It’s common for people to struggle finding a plan that fits their needs. When you don’t get the results you’re looking for, it may be tempting to give up altogether and go back to your bad habits of eating poorly and being sedentary. However, if you haven’t tried the Xyngular Ignite weight loss kit, you’re missing out. The kit comes with seven different products, each designed to help you drop these extra pounds and slim down to a level you may not have in years. It’s time to give this amazing kit a try. The following describes what comes in the kit and what each product will do for you and your weight-loss needs.

Global Blend

A good workout builds up quite a thirst. In addition to water, you can take a nice swig of this beverage. It’s packed with nutrients and also has some anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also an excellent antioxidant and will search to eliminate those harmful free radicals from your body, giving you greater immune health.


Another product in the Ignite weight loss kit is Accelerate. Tea-based, this metabolism booster will keep your appetite down, helping you avoid those extra helpings at mealtime. In addition, this product will speed up your metabolism and help control your blood sugar.


Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to thrive, and Axion has just the right combination to enhance your health. The nutrients in this supplement help support your cardiovascular system and immune system.

Cheat +

Overeating is a far-too common problem with people, and it’s a huge reason why people gain weight. This essential weight loss product curbs your appetite so you don’t feel hungry and want those larger portion sizes and extra helpings.


Harmful toxins in your body can wreak havoc with your goals to lose weight. Flush will get rid of these and will also help with your body’s natural absorption and digestion.


There are numerous protein shakes on the market, but few what Lean boasts. This shake has just 44 calories but has an assortment of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your going before a tough workout. It will also help with digestion and help with weight loss.


Getting up the desire to exercise isn’t easy when you lack the energy. Xyng is part of the Ignite weight loss package, and it will help provide you with a boost of energy when you need it most for your workout routine or other activity. Plus, it has been shown to help improve the moods of those that have used it. More energy plus better mood can equal the results you’re hoping for.

Stop trying those impossible diets and other programs, and pick up some Xyngular products today. You can achieve your goals of losing weight and feeling great, and you’ll never want to try any other wellness program again.