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JavaScript is the most widely-used language for adding dynamic behavior to web pages. The JavaScript community contributes to a collection of libraries that extend and ease its use. In this medium post I will go over the basics of jQuery, a JavaScript library.

Before we start, lets look at the difference in code between JavaScript and jQuery.

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EmailJS is a free platform that allows sending emails directly with JavaScript, with no back-end development. The developer creates one or more email templates and then triggers an email using the JavaScript SDK, specifying the template, and the dynamic parameters for rendering the email.

Registering and Installing EmailJS

Once the user registers at EmailJS you are provided a unique User ID and Access Token that you will need when setting your project up.

For free, the user gets a quota of 200 emails per month.

When using React, the user can either install EmailJS with the npm command below.

$ npm install emailjs-com —…

Code out the template project you would like to save for the future.

Push it to a repository on GitHub.

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Template Repository

Go into the settings of that repository and select the checkbox next to Template Repository. This will make your project available as a template for future new projects.

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Create a Heroku Account

Create a Heroku account here if you don’t have one already.

Installing the Heroku CLI

Install the heroku CLI: (This may take a while).

NOTE: You will need brew installed on your computer for this step. If you need directions on how to install brew, or what brew is, follow the link here.

brew install heroku/brew/heroku

Install PostGres

Do this in your root directory using brew install postgresql

Login to Heroku

Once that is installed you can access the heroku CLI from your terminal. Login to heroku by typing heroku login in your terminal. …


There are many websites and utilities out there that help with the responsive design of your websites(bootstrap, materialize) to the point where most of the time you don’t need to think about it too much. But these sites don’t cover more custom things that you may want. For example, what if you want a button to be moved depending on the size of the screen, or what if you want the color of your header changed? In this case Media Queries would be a useful tool to know.

What is responsive design?

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Web View

Responsive design is an approach to web page creation that makes use…

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During my time at FlatIron I have been bombarded with information. Although it has been fun it doesn’t leave a lot of time to practice and keep up on the other languages I have learned before starting this boot camp.

Before FlatIron I was fairly fluent in Java. During my time working with Ruby at FlatIron I have noticed many similarities between Ruby and Java. I have heard from many people before that once you learn one programming language it is a lot easier to learn another. This is really my first time seeing this for myself.

Ruby Release Date…

Programmers are often considered lazy. Not necessarily because they don’t want to do something but because they are efficient at what they do. As a beginner, something that is often times overlooked with programming are the keyboard commands that make coding easier and more efficient.

During my time with coding I have picked up many shortcuts to help me be efficient with how I code. These are my top 5 keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio.

  1. Select all occurrences of a current selection

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+L

Mac: ⇧⌘L

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How many times have you gone through typing up your code and once you…

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