Steps in Medical Facial Treatment —

In the recent years, medical facial treatment in Delhi has gained immense popularity. If you also want to take the benefits it offers then read on to find out what you can expect during a medical facial.

Deep pore cleansing

It is the first step in which deep cleansing of the skin is done without disrupting its natural barrier function that comprise of lipids, oils and pH that are extremely essential for the health of your skin.

Skin analysis

In the second step, dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon analysis your skin thoroughly and discuss the concerns. They are trained to see and examine the skin with fingers and analyze it using a magnifying lamp for assessing the needs of your skin. Then the skin type of a person is determined and the treatments and products will be chosen as per your skin needs and type.


It is the third step in skin medical facials treatment in Delhi. Exfoliation, either chemical peels (enzymes and acids) or physical (microdermabrasion) removes dry skin, fades post-breakout (dark/red) marks, and stimulates cell renewal and breakdown stubborn discoloration that is brown spots.


It warms the skin surface so that it becomes more receptive to the treatment. Further, it also improves the circulation and smoothens and softens debris inside the pores for easy removal of whiteheads and blackheads.

Décolletage, face and neck massage

In other words, it aids in the promotion of lymphatic drainage and reduces fluid retention and removes toxins. When these toxins are flushed out of the skin, it promotes circulation leaving your skin appear youthful and glowing.

Manual extraction

In this step, any type of congestion of the pores — whiteheads or blackheads would be removed. When extraction is done regularly, it keeps your skin and complexion clear. Most clinics which provide this kind of medical facial have professionals which are trained to remove all these impurities.


It is used at the end of the facial for lowering the skin temperature to deeply hydrate and reduce redness. They target particular skin condition and can be stimulating, purifying

As far as last few steps of the medical facial treatment go, it includes toning, hydration and broad spectrum SPF. There is variation when it comes to medi facial treatment cost in India and depends on the product being used.

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