My experience at Bootcamp

Mark Twain said “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” and for me I have to apply the quote as I start the bootcamp.

On the first day of the bootcamp, I arrived at Andela early and got few guys who all looking calm and anxious as me. I smile at them said hello and sat down. This place I cool, I thought when I saw a basketball pitch as I reflected what’s ahead. Later we were directed to a room, welcomed by a cup of tea or coffee to our preferences. I enjoyed my cup of tea as I mingled with others to set the mood ready.

We started off by a warm start playing an engaging and fun game outside then we were ready to start. Wow! That’s the expression I got after the first engagement from the facilitators. Its amazing experience so let me break it down for you to what I really experienced.

First of all the family at Andela is amazing. They are all friendly, funny and smart. Rich in many ways. We were introduced to Unit testing and it was an eye opener for why it is necessary as a programmer to stick to it. Version control was next emphasized the need of collaboration and why it is important. By then I knew why their values were important and how to work under those values. We finished by doing a GitHub commits by doing collaboratively. I learned a lot this session

The fun we had is memorable especially the analogies used by fellow boot campers and facilitators. It’s the “Explain To Me Like I’m Five” analogy which entailed instances of cooking food, and the steps required to cook Ugali the Kenyan delicacy as used by Mr. Saya plus quotes by Jedidiah and more!. Here at Andela there is a paradigm shift in the way of teaching. We are all learners no matter who you are. I’m loving this so far.

Day two proved to be a challenge. Tasks are challenging but eye opener to coding standards. Its makes me manage my time and tasks due, collaborate and seek help. Since I started the Bootcamp, I have been thinking like a computer scientist: how will I solve those problems effectively? Which data structure to use? It’s a new dimension this bootcamp has shaped me into and it’s wonderful.

I have learned a lot, did learn a lot more on a single day, laughed a lot and to sum it up its amazing. The learning continues. TIA!

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