For a while, I had no idea what I wanted to write as my first post on Medium. I wanted to go in a more serious direction when it comes to blogging ever since leaving Tumblr behind. So let’s start with my name since it is a major aspect of who I am. My name is Howard Nedrick, Jr. I am the second Howard W Nedrick and the third Howard Nedrick on this planet. Pretty much there is a high chance if my name is mentioned, I probably did it or I know which of the three Howards might have done it.

Fun fact.

I never liked my name growing up. Being in my dad’s shadow was not something I looked forward to. In fact, I shunned it. I wanted to be my own person and Junior was cringe worthy. My dad was this transcendent man and I was this awkward kid. I needed my own lane to safely grow. Lucky for me, I met two dudes in JHS who gave me a nickname that has been a staple of who I am.


It has been a long time since I have been called that name. For me, that name was freeing. It wasn’t Howard Jr who did it but Skippy who achieved it. Nowadays, I prefer to be called Skip (because Skippy sounds rather childish) to show a sense of transition from the young boy into a grown man. Unfortunately, my face hasn’t decided to catch up yet but in due time.

I think the full circle approach to understanding yourself is to embrace ALL of you. My name, as I said, is a portion of who I am. Accepting my name and my lineage got me a step closer to figuring out what I need to do in the world. What I want to do to be more precise. My name is Howard Nedrick, Jr. Some call me Skip. You can even call me Junior.

Just know I know who I am and I’m pretty comfortable with it. Regardless of what you call me, I am still me.

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