Scared and White and Trump All Over
Hanna Brooks Olsen

Nice article. Here’s the thing.

I am doing more or less what they are doing as well. I am a black male and for most of my life, I’ve had to deal with the Trump supporter when they didn’t feel uncomfortable and could lay blame off on me, and people like me, and everyone listened to them.

Call it schadenfreude, irony or just desserts, and I’m sure it does not put me in the best moral light, but I’m taking a moment to delight in their fear.

Being at the bottom of the barrel sucks doesn’t it? Not feeling at home anywhere you go is awful, no? Being labeled as something you KNOW you aren’t just because if the way you talk and dress is just the worst!

Again, I’m not proud that a certain segment of society is feeling left out or that I am delighting in it, but I am delighting in it. Just a little bit.

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