SG Bus Stop — Behind the scenes

I decided to build one simple android app. Here we go.

  • Got my pc.
  • Fully charged.
  • Installed Android Studio.
  • Set the configurations.
  • Create new project. And… Title??? What I’m going to create now???

Few weeks passed and I’m still on page 1, writing my app title. And for a simple app, these much hurdles are too much. So that made me to think to re-create any existing app but, the way I wanted the app should be or how I wanted to use the app.

First app I checked was Reminders, that requires sync across devices and web version. Deleted from my list. Most of the apps were removed for the same reason.

That finally brought me to real time bus arriving apps. No need for any sync feature. No need for web version. Data is provided by Land Transport and Authority, Singapore. Just required android client app to integrate and display the data.

Current features available in most bus timing apps

  • Show Bus service details — start to end bust stop list
  • Show Bus stop details — bus service at a particular stop
  • Search across all the data
  • Access current location and show nearby details
  • Journey planner — from and to destinations
  • Display the data on map
  • Current location of bus till your location, near by bus stop
  • Consume more battery life and track your location
  • and more…

But what I actually want in a app was, to be very simple. Just the time of my bus which I’m going to board. Now I understood my requirements and went ahead in creating the app.

  • Favourites tab on first.
  • Show the Bus stop list.
  • Search for bus stop, road name or landmark.
  • Add any bus service as favourites.

So result,

Open the app, your bus service will show the next arrival time instantly.

It’s that simple. People need information to be available instantly and easily. No need for complex UI. No need to tap and tap to get some instant information. Just show data when it is required. SG Bus Stop is available in Play Store.

My friends suggested to add more features as the app is very simple. But that’s the point. The app is created to be simple :)

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