Changing Career Path With a PGDM

Getting admission into a PGDM course in Ahmedabad, or anywhere, has become a big phenomenon, and career shift is being given as one of the biggest reasons behind it. Whether it is the monotony of the same profile lurking in one’s life, day in and day out, the dream of getting paid more, or simply a change — any kind of change — to look at these reasons a bit more closely wouldn’t be such bad idea:

You find our current profile ‘boring’

One of the reasons for people wanting to change their career path, is because they believe that they have had a lot of things to learn from a company — but there’s a limit to how much there really is to learn. After a while, the same work, the same thing to do again and again brings complacency to the fore, and people actually get bored. This also brings down the overall efficiency of the person.

Anything, but not this!

Breaking the monotony of the same profile by aiming for something better (read, managerial) is closely backed by knowing fully well that this job isn’t it but what could possibly replace it, is a big question. And so, many get a PGDM, knowing they want a change, but they do not what that change would be — believing a PGDM would help them figure out the how and what.

A higher salary would be nice!

Who doesn’t want to be paid more? With many job profiles, switching company and looking for a hike would mean waiting (or some would say, wasting) a lot many years before they’ll get the kind of salary that would get just after finishing their 2 years of PGDM. So, getting a PGDM becomes a natural choice.

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