My Big Gigantic Western Adventure Story

The writer with his cattle dog in Moab, UT during Thanksgiving digging through his truck, thinking, “I could do this extensively.”

There are two types of stories in this world:

  1. A person comes to town.
  2. A person leaves town.

This story is about a person leaving town. It hasn’t happened, yet, but it has happened hundreds of thousands of times over.

This story’s about a person who needs to get out and stay out for a bit. It’s about freedom and adventure and finding one’s self and, and you know, all those themes that have been circling around in spoken and written language since the beginning of time.

The story will be written as it happens.

For now, here are some spoilers for what will come.

The Supposed Route

Days 1–11: The Lone Star State’s Parks

Austin, Texas to Marfa, Texas

Days 12–18: Far West Texas

Loop from Marfa, Texas to Balmorhea State Park

Day 19–23: Touring New Mexico

Balmorhea State Park to Santa Fe, NM

Day 24–42: Settling Down Near Earthships to Think

Tiny house living in El Prado for 18 days.

Day 43–50: Quick run in Southern Colorado

El Prado to Pike National Forest

Day 51–61: Catching My breath

Pike National Forest to Colorado’s Front Range to Grand Lake

Days 61 — … : Figuring out where to go next in the West

Not sure, but I’ll figure it out along the way.
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